ONE Value to Brands

  • Runs their customer loyalty program for them – without any need to invest in expensive magnetic strip cards or set up in-house systems!
  • Establishes a platform to build relationship with their customers and gives them insightful reports on their most valuable and frequent customers
  • Provides detailed analytics on customer spending patterns, customer profiling, customer recommendations, aggregated feedback, etc
  • Enables customer feedback through mobile making it easy to collate and derive actionables
  • Leverages social media to do targeted marketing to their customers and their immediate connections
  • Stimulates a surge in new customer acquisition through multiple levers like immediate/planned deals of the day and in-app promotions
  • Allows branding visibility when a prospective customer is looking for options in/around the area
  • Creates incentives for customers to make it a preferred place to eat/shop
  • Enables them to send personalized offers and messages to select customers
  • Supports all modes of customer interactions – in-store, pick-up, phone and online
ONE Value to Businesses
How ONE Rewardz! can help you revolutionize your business..

ONE Value to Consumers

  • Aggregated rewards network that keeps track of all their reward points and lets them avail discounts seamlessly through mobile app!
  • Acts as an aggregator of loyalty programs of all the brands/outlets/restaurants they visit and saves hassle to carry multiple loyalty cards or download multiple loyalty apps
  • Lets them check reward points and status real-time even when not physically present at the outlet
  • Keeps them updated about the latest offers at their favorite hangout places
  • Enables them to provide feedback and recommendations to merchants through mobile app
  • Enables point sharing with friends and lets them transfer gift coupons through mobile app
  • Provides a common mobile based platform to check out any deals & offers at places they frequently visit
  • Smart technology that makes discount redemption seamless without any uncomfortable conversations
  • Lets them share their outlet visit on social media platforms