Customer Engagement Program

ONE customer engagement program provides a 24x7 connectivity between brands and consumers by incentivizing in-store and online interactions! ONE runs brand’s customer loyalty program and provides detailed real-time analytics on its top customers, their feedback and their spending patterns! ONE provides a platform to promote special offers & deals directly to consumers through image & video notifications and leverages social media for targeted marketing. Brands can create customer segmentations, define their own customer leagues, set their own milestones, and of course, decide what rewards they want to give to their customers!

Customers can start accumulating points & redeem it next time they are at their outlet/portal – either in the form of discounts or free stuff! ONE integrates seamlessly with brand's POS System and/or E-commerce Website & kick-starts its customer loyalty program within minutes! It also works in a plug-&-play model when integration is not desired!

Every time customers shop, their points get triggered through their Mobile Number! Customers can access their points real-time through Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Customers can share their visit on Facebook, thus creating branding visibility in front of their connections. Customers are also prompted for Feedback on their mobile after every interaction.

Customers don’t need to carry 100s of loyalty cards or mobile apps for tracking their loyalty points. ONE’s interactive interfaces allow customers to view points any time (office, home, travel) which influences their buying decision! Customers are always in touch with the latest offers, new collection, etc through image and video notifications! So they don’t have to go deal-hunting themselves, everything is accessible right on their mobile phone!
Thus, ONE takes the consumer experience to a whole new level with its engaging, interactive loyalty program.

Consumer Analytics & Feedback Driven Business Intelligence

ONE tracks consumer spending patterns and detailed customer preferences that are accessible to brands on a real-time basis. Through an interactive & easy to use Dashboard, brands can track all the transactions and customer interactions real-time!
ONE Dashboard tells who their most valuable and frequent customers are, when they spend and what they spend on! ONE also identifies past regular customers who have not visited their stores and portals in last few months!
ONE Dashboard lets brands track their top selling products and discover customer preferences! So they always know what their top customers like! ONE Dashboard lets brands see their customer feedback real-time, at an aggregate level as well as individual customer level! Real-time access with customer contact details also allow them to act pro-actively on undesirable reviews!
ONE not only enables brands to run various marketing campaigns and deals & offers, but also allows them to see its impact on sales and customer traction!
ONE Dashboard tells brands how many common customers visit their different outlets and their feedback! So brands can easily track which outlets are performing well and which outlets need improvement – and in what parameters!
With a direct access to consumer reviews real-time and its individual store performances, ONE enables brands to virtually manage all their stores and control quality from corporate office.
Detailed customer level analytics identify spending patterns, business insights and consumer preferences driving effective marketing strategy.

Targeted Marketing and Integrated Social Media

ONE act as an effective advertising platform for brand's promotions where brands can send their ad or video showcasing the latest collection directly to their customer's phone in the form of ONE video notification.

Brands can also send quick alerts with promotional images to consumers about the latest deals & offers at their store or website!
Customers can check out all the promotions and offers at their outlets any time they want and directly interact with the brand!
ONE helps create more brand awareness around its stores through analytics driven Geo-fencing. When a prospective customer is nearby a store, ONE geo-fencing gets triggered and the customer is reminded of any current offer or his already earned points with the brand, thus increasing brand’s store walk-ins!
Brand gets promoted on social media through their existing consumers. Every time customer shops at an outlet, they can share it on Facebook, thus giving branding exposure to 1000+ new consumers through every existing customer!

Brand's existing customers thus become its brand ambassadors and help acquire new customers!
ONE facilitates cross-branded offers for brand's customers by providing an efficient and secure platform. Customers can earn points at a brand's outlet and get rewards at their partner's brand outlet (and vice-versa) thus increasing customer delight!